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Gourmet Toothpicks. Yes, Gourmet. Toothpicks.

Castor Double Flavored Gourmet Toothpick by PhoodStation

If you’re gonna stick something in your mouth, it better be tasty, right? The list of things that may be now includes toothpicks. Not only are these flavored toothpicks we are talking about, they are double-flavored toothpicks — and that’s not counting the meal you are picking out from between your teeth!

The Kickstarter project is in need of your help. However, judging by the response so far, the Castor Double Flavored Gourmet Toothpick by PhoodStation doesn’t need your help all that much. Up to now, the market for flavor powder on flavored wood has been grossly underestimated. You’ll have to wait before you can sink your teeth into one sink one into your teeth though, as the estimated delivery isn’t until October 2014.

Click through to find your favorite flavor. Yes, of course there is bacon. However for some terrible oversight, there does not appear to be a cinnamon toothpick on the list.

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And Just Like That It Is Friday

Time to go out and have a nice picnic! Well, as soon as designer Michael Jan gets around to making his portable folding Napkin Table a reality, that is. Until that time I guess we will just have to eat on the ground with the ants.

Via Oh Gizmo!

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Back To The Daily Grind With Fred

Fred and Friends Daily Grind Pepper Grinder

After a long weekend, it can be hard to go back to the daily grind. But, it must be done, so we go forth into the day and look that workweek right in the face — and sneeze in it. With a pepper grinder, that is.

Pepper may make us sneeze, but it also happens to be a delicious spice. Putting a new twist on getting pepper from peppercorn to plate, the Fred and Friends Daily Grind Pepper Grinder offers a charming way to fend off those workday blues.

As the pepper mill grinds the spice, the bodies and heads of the restaurant staff get mixed up; the chef, wine sommelier, waiter and patron all become one. Bright and colorful, the whimsical beechwood kitchen tool offers a fun way to get back to the daily grind — by facing it head-on with a handful of pepper.

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Stainless Works Steel Spigot Pours It On

Stainless Works Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot (Polished Finish)

So there you are, brand new drink dispenser in hand and ready to be filled. Everything looks great: nice glass serving vessel, perhaps a whimsical design along the side, sealed tightly to keep the bugs out… the beverage goes in… and the darn spigot is made of plastic.

Apparently, there are more than a few of you interested in upping your water, wine, booze and kombucha serving game. The Stainless Works Stainless Steel Beverage Dispenser Replacement Spigot (Polished Finish) might be just what the drink dispenser doctor ordered. Head on over to Amazon and check it out. They have specs such as “needs 5/8 inch or 16mm diameter opening to install” and “fits dispenser wall up to 11/16 inch or 17mm thick.” If that’s what you got, then that’s what you need. It’s got good reviews too.

Best of all is it’s well under twenty bucks, so if that plastic dispensing spigot just doesn’t look right when serving an elegant drink (or tea that has been brewing forever), then this steel spigot sounds like it’s worth it.

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Golf And Cheese And Sometimes Wine

Picnic Time Golf Course Sand Trap Golfing Cheese Board and Tool Set

What do you get the person who has everything? Nothing, of course. The really hard question when it comes to gift-giving is what to get the person who only likes certain things. Say, for example, golf and cheese. And sometimes wine.

Well, clearly when they are not golfing, they will be needing the Picnic Time Sand Trap Cheese Board and Tool Set. The golf-themed serving board comes with wine utensils as well as cheese tools and brings it all together just like when out on the 18th hole.

Got a golfer in your life who likes wine and cheese? Just follow the links (ahem) to find the gift that scores a hole in one.

Oh, and don’t forget the clubs:
Picnic Time Caddy Cutting Board

Picnic Time Golf Caddy Golf Clubs Cutting Board

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Catch And Release Yolk Fish

Silicone YolkFish Squeeze Fish Lips Swallow Release Egg Separator Cooking and Baking Tool Yolk Fish by Peleg Design

Whoever said imitation is the highest form of flattery wasn’t living in the digital age. As soon as the Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor showed up on the crowdsourcing site, the copycats got in on the action. Now there are tons of yolk tools available. (Here’s what a yolk search in the Home & Kitchen department on Amazon will get you.) While the original yolk extracting design was elegant in its simplicity, it lacked any pizzazz. And it looked nothing like a fish.

While the original idea for the egg gadget was clever, the Silicone YolkFish Squeeze Fish Lips Swallow Release Egg Separator Cooking and Baking Tool by Peleg Design takes it (and its product title) one step further. The idea of using a fish to fish for egg yolks is certainly cute and the egg separator does offer a fun whimsical shape, but at the price they are asking for it, the thing might as well be shaped like a cash cow — at least until the next thing wanders or swims along.

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