Rosle Jar Opener: Free The Pickles!

Rosle Jar Opener

Jars may be pretty convenient for food storage and transportation, but when it comes time to actually get into a jar, they can be pretty darn inconvenient! While the clear glass may help one to see what’s oh-so-close on the inside, it does little good when the lid is screwed on too tight. Luckily, physics has the answer: give the lid a handle to increase the leverage.

Now, instead of rushing off to go look for duct tape and a butter knife, consider a more elegant solution: The Rosle Jar Opener. The pickles will still taste just as good. Maybe even better since there won’t covered in glass from when the jar got smashed on the counter in frustration.

Product Description:
The Rosle Jar Opener will effortlessly open a wide variety of jars and bottles. A large foldable thumb screw adjusts jar opener to fit everything from a soda bottle to a pickle jar. (Opens to fit up to 3.7 inch diameter maximum). The pull out handle provides optimal leverage for opening, and slides into the opener itself for super compact storage. The jar opener is easy to handle and features a comfortable grip. Manufactured in 18/10 stainless steel and synthetic material. Space saving design, easy to store, lifetime warranty.

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