A burger for every appetite


Burgers are a thing of beauty. Perhaps no other common food item (except maybe pizza) can be so uniquely individualized as the burger. From topping selection to how well you like it done, everybody has a preference when it comes to how they like their burger. Whether you like your burgers rare with minimal toppings, or well done and slathered with condiments, there is one additional factor to consider when it comes time to choose your basic burger options: How hungry are you?

Finding the perfect burger can be a challenge. A delicious challenge, granted, but still rather elusive. All too often it seems as soon you think you found it, the next time around, it’s not quite as tasty. For those that insist upon burger uniformity, look no further than the Adjust-A-Burger Press.

The hamburger-making gadget combines a mold and measuring device into one convenient design. Simply choose your desired thickness and fill with your favorite burger recipe. Upon removing from the press, you’ll have perfectly measured patties ready for the grill or pan. If you still find yourself wishing to discover new burgers, not to worry, the press is adjustable in common half pound, third pound and quarter pound sizes. For those with a smaller appetite, or an appreciation for little bites, a version is also available for sliders.

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