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The Canine’s Culinary Christmas Cupcakes

The Canine's Culinary Christmas Cupcakes

Don’t forget the furry ones when Santa Paws comes to visit. Check out these cupcakes for dogs available from Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Canine’s Culinary Christmas Cupcakes:

Crafted individually in a bakery specializing in dog treats, each cupcake is made from natural ingredients such as steel cut oats, peanut butter, and milk, and topped with a yogurt-based icing.

Wait a minute. There does not seem to be any kibbles and/or bits in that description. Actually, they sound pretty good. Hmm, perhaps these holiday-themed cupcakes won’t make it to the floor. Oh, wait. Coal. Never mind. Here, boy! Here, boy!

Happy holidays to all (Fido too)!

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Petchup And Meowstard

Petchup Nutritional Condiment Dry Dog Food

Shopping List:
Petchup And Meowstard.
P.S. NOT Catsup.

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Dogsbutter Is Peanut Butter For Dogs

Dogsbutter DOG for DOG Dogbutter Original Peanut Butter with Flaxseed for Dogs

Yup, peanut butter for dogs is a thing. Dogsbutter a specialized pet treat formulated for dogs. And actually, Dogbutter has been around a while. Note that it was subject to last year’s (2012) peanut butter recall. So, if you have been in the know about this doggie treat for a while, don’t pull any out from the back of the cupboard. And please, keep it away from the jelly.

The company, Dog For Dog actually has a whole bunch of products, including the Dogsbar as well as other varieties of Dogsbutter.

(Via OhGizmo!)

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Dinner For Two: You And Spot

The Pet High Chair, available at Hammacher Schlemmer

Since the dawn of petkind, mankind has been looking for a way to keep our furry friends from begging for scraps at the dinner table. It’s about time the human race has figured out that it’s an unwinnable battle. However, there is a solution that both saves face, and gives our adorable little critter friends that which they most desire: a seat at the dinner table.

The Pet High Chair, available at Hammacher Schlemmer, lets you and your pet share a meal while seeing eye to eye. The adjustable chair clips on to tables that are up to 2-inches thick, while the 600-denier tan and brown nylon fabric comfortably holds your dinner companion in place. As for the unexpected eventual attempt to dash across the dinner table to help you lick your plate clean, the chair comes equipped with two tethers to help keep dinner as refined as possible.

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Air scrubber would make the perfect herb garden

The Only Botanical Air Purifier

Clean air is always a good thing and considering the amount of air filters, purifiers and the like that are out there on the market, most people would tend to agree. Problem is, while they’re doing their dirty work, they are just sitting there. Some of them don’t even make noise so if it weren’t for a little light you would never even know they were doing anything. (Besides the clean air, of course.)

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