Mini Waffles Abound!

Some foods need to be made in batches. Waffles and pancakes fall into this category. And this goes double (or quadruple) when mini waffles are concerned. The Sunbeam CKSBWFMW3 Mini Waffle Maker is a specialty appliance that produces eight mini waffles per batch. While specialty appliances tend to take up more room than they are… Continue reading Mini Waffles Abound!

Eggo Storage Won’t Leggo

It’s hard to consider an Eggo as something necessary to take extra steps to protect, but then again, when you get your hands on one it’s apparently hard to leggo. While a well-designed marketing catch phrase may have increased Eggo paranoia for all time, usually concern for the frozen waffles doesn’t extend to the freezer.… Continue reading Eggo Storage Won’t Leggo

When Ice Cream Is On A Waffle…

When is a waffle maker not a waffle maker? When it’s a waffle cone maker. The Smart Planet Original Waffle Cone Factory produces thin waffles that are perfect for rolling up into cones (a cone-form is included). Similar to how pizza on a bagel magically allows for pizza to be eaten anytime, ice cream on… Continue reading When Ice Cream Is On A Waffle…

It’s Always A Circus In The Morning With The Original Circus Waffler

Kids running around like monkeys in the morning? Tame them with the Nonstick Circus Waffle Maker by Smart Planet. Measuring 9.25-inches by 9.75-inches, the Original Circus Waffler makes three circus-themed Belgian-style waffles in less than four minutes. Just like mornings can be on the blurry side (not too much for the kids, hopefully), so too… Continue reading It’s Always A Circus In The Morning With The Original Circus Waffler