Make Like Monopoly While At The Grill

Grill Charms Charmed Life Collection

In Monopoly, everybody has their favorite little game piece. In that game, nobody wants to get stuck being the wheelbarrow (the car, clearly is the best) but when it comes to grilling, nobody would mind being any of these little tokens.

The Grill Charms Charmed Life Collection is a set of six stainless steel markers designed to allow people to steak (ahem) their claim to their preferred meat at the grill. Like Monopoly, the choices are not always obvious to how they pertain to the activity, but like the thimble or shoe, you can still play the game. The choices are: palm tree, sailboat, four-leaf clover, crown, martini glass and dollar sign grill charm. Not sure which one is best, but I’ll take the one that marks a nice, juicy steak.

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