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Cook Up A Virtual Jamie Oliver Feast

Playfish and Jamie Oliver cook up tasty recipes in Restaurant City

Like Jamie Oliver? Like Facebook games? Guess what two things have just collided. Read on to learn how the TV Chef has invaded Restaurant City.

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Shake up this mortar and pestle

Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker

The Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker may look like a squat bowling pin, but it works like a mortar and pestle. The ‘pin’ separates into two halves, and you simply add your ingredients in the lower half. Top with the included ceramic ball, seal and shake. The ball crushes, grinds and mixes whatever include in the shaker.

Perfect for creating your own spice blends, dressings and marinades, the shaker is surprisingly versatile. Even a couple of cloves of whole garlic can be minced with a few solid shakes.

Available in several colors, this UK gizmo is available domestically at Kitchen Kapers for $29.99.

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