Now You Too Can Crack Eggs With EZ Cracker!


That’s right! Tired of being left out while all your friends are happily cracking eggs? Well no longer! Now you, yes you, can finally harness the awesome power of the EZ Cracker. Simply place an egg in the device, and like a magic wand, it cracks the egg for you, with only a push of a button. Your friends will be amazed! Your enemies will tremble before you! Omelettes are in your future! Despite the name, works with both white and brown eggs!

What would you pay so as to be able to wield this fantastic power? Your first born? No, not even unfertilized! An arm and a leg? You could, because you won’t need them to use this magical kitchen gadget, but no! Your soul? Absolutely not! It will remain as pure as the unblemished surface of an egg!

All of this can be yours for only $14.98. Oh, and the odd pricing? Just consider it missing sense.

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