Put Your Name On That Steak

Original Monogram Branding Iron

Pointing at the steak or chop you have scoped out on the grill only goes so far. Some sneaky grill usurper can always come swooping in, stealing the precious grilled goodie and claim it as their own. “Well, I didn’t see your name on it,” they might say with a little smirk of their face. With a little forethought, you can have them turn the steak over and find out just how wrong they are.

The Original Monogram Branding Iron is a three-letter customizable grill accessory that literally puts your name on your food. (For those willing to share, the middle letter could be an “&”.) Available in a gift box, the branding iron could also serve as a not-too-subtle gift for those friends that have a tendency to always grab the wrong grilled goodie.

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