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Easy slices, easy wedges

Progressive Tower Slicer and Wedger

Knife work can be tedious and dull, especially if your skills are a bit rusty. Even if you are sharp with a knife, chances are you could stand to hone your skills a bit more. Creating perfectly even slices and wedges takes machine precision that most home cooks simply don’t have. However, the Progressive Tower Slicer and Wedger does.

With a simple push, perfectly even slices or wedges can be made with this kitchen gadget. Just insert the particular blade you want, add your fruit or vegetable and plunge away. Complete with coordinating pushers and a cleaning comb, the 6-cup capacity slicer and wedger is perfect for handling the prep work for presentable salads and hors’ d oeuvres. All parts are dishwasher safe.

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Ceramic avocado for serving up guacamole


Forget the cookie jar; point me to the Guacamole Bowl. The perfectly ripe ceramic avocado holds guacamole or other avocado-inspired dips. (For salsas, check out the Salsa Bowl.) The three piece hand-painted set made from Progressive International not only mimics the texture of the avocado, but the 7-inch long serving ladle is made to look like an avocado stem. The only question that remains: with a 1.5-cup capacity, what are you going to eat? This one is mine.

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Collapsible kitchen gadgets from Progressive

Collapsible Over Sink Dish Rack by Progressive

In the future, all kitchen products might be collapsible to save space in what is sure to be a world full of gadget-filled kitchens. Until that time becomes a reality, we’ll just have to make do with this starter set of five. Click on through for a gallery of images. (Sadly, none from the future.)

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Four times the cherries

Progressive Cherry-It Pitter

Cherry season rules. Fresh cherries are in abundance seemingly everywhere you look. From roadside stands to farmers markets, the lure of the cherry is one not to be ignored. And who am I to argue with the intense flavor locked up in those dark red globes of deliciousness? I succumb to the call of the cherry, happily partaking whenever they are near.

While it may be fine to snack on cherries and simply discard of the pits one by one, if you have grander ideas for your bowl of cherries, the pits are going to have to go. Most cherry pitters offer a mechanism for pitting cherries only one at a time, but the Progressive Cherry-It Pitter can handle up to four. Simply place the cherries in the device and press down. Cherry pits are safely stored in the base, and you are left with four cherries ready for baking—if they make it that far.

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Better Butterer for better buttering

Better Butterer by Progressive

No longer do you have to wrestle with a quickly melting pat of butter when trying to season corn. Butter falling off of the knife or not melting properly can now be a thing of the past. Bypass the butter knife completely with the Better Butterer by Progressive.

Simply place one stick of butter in the device and you’re ready to enjoy hot buttered corn. The contoured shape fits over the surface of any ear of corn, and the butter melts as it comes in contact with the hot corn. With no knife for the butter to fall off of, the butter stays on the corn, and not on the plate. Better buttering is a breeze with the Better Butterer.

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