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Class up your drinking in public

BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar

Brown paper bags may never go out of style, but at some point it’s time to step up your game when it comes to drinking in public. If you’re tired of getting hassled by the Man when getting your drink on, perhaps it’s time to class up the joint a bit. Any park, beach or street corner can be transformed into your own little watering hole with the BarGoGo Transformer Portable Bar.

Yes, it costs a thousand dollars, and sure, you have to stock it yourself, but when you roll up with a foldable bar this weekend, you’re sure to be the life of the party; in fact, you’ll literally make the party. Any cop seeing this getup is bound to pass right on by—but keep a stash of brown paper bags behind the bar, just in case.

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Have your cereal and drink it too

Fresh Traveller by Arian Brekveld for Royalvkb

It’s not uncommon to want your cake and eat it too. For some, this translates to wanting cereal and having it crunchy too. OK, well maybe that’s a stretch, but the spirit of the statement still stands. After all, it’s simply a matter of wanting a nice bowl of crispy cereal swimming in milk. Even if you have to drink it out of a travel mug.

The Fresh Traveller by Arian Brekveld for Royalvkb makes it possible to enjoy crispy cereal and granola with milk, yogurt or whatever you may prefer. (Does anything crispy or crunchy work in orange juice?) Whatever your pleasure, you can now take it with you to enjoy classic combinations whenever, wherever. Of course with a price tag of $49, you may just be better off buying your box of Cap’n Crunch and pint of milk from the corner store.

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Create the perfect mug of tea on the go

Copco Tea Thermal Green Travel Mug

Why should coffee people have all the fun? Tea lovers need some love too, after all. Well, that’s where the Copco Tea Thermal Green Travel Mug comes in. Featuring a removable infusion filter for steeping loose-leaf tea on the go, the travel mug gives tea lovers the ability to get their get up and go while getting on the go.

The double wall construction keeps hot or cold drinks at their desired temperature, while the 14-ounce capacity keeps the fuel coming. Coffee hounds may have the advantage when it comes to accessories, availability and options, but when it’s time for tea lovers to get exactly what they want, this loose-leaf infuser mug takes the show on the road.

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Brownies and deviled eggs together at last

Deluxe Bakers Sto ‘N Go

No matter if your favorite potluck item to bring to gatherings is brownies, cupcakes or deviled eggs, you’re going to need a way to get them there. Luckily, the Deluxe Bakers Sto ‘N Go can accommodate all that and more. With two deviled egg trays and four standard trays, the portable carrier makes it easy to share your favorites with a crowd. The shelves slide in and out and are completely adjustable, while the retractable handle makes for easy portability. Not only can you leave undesirable smushed eggs in the past, but with this carrier, there’s also room for a batch of brownies. (Hint, hint.)

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Porta Cool makes it easier to chill

Porta Cool Inflatable Ice Bucket

Enjoying a nice picnic in the park is a good way to spend the day. Enjoying a cool bottle of wine at your picnic in the park is a great way to spend the day. However, that wine will need to be chilled somehow. Since picnickers are already loaded down with food, utensils and carrying equipment (not to mention fun and games), one less thing to lug around would certainly be welcome.

The Porta Cool Inflatable Ice Bucket is a space-saving ice bucket that stores flat for easy portability. Keep it in your picnic basket and when you get to your destination, just inflate and fill with ice. The bucket measures 9.5-inches tall with a 9.5-inch diameter, so chilling a couple of bottles should be no problem. The best part is when your picnic is done and all the delicious food and beverages have been devoured, all you have to do is deflate and store it back in your picnic basket. Toss the empties in the recycling, pick up your picnic basket and you are on your way.

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Pizza by the dashboard light

Porta-Pizza Oven

Any good road trip requires road food. Perhaps when the tires hit the asphalt it’s just an excuse to devour foods of questionable sustenance. After all, it’s not too likely you’re gonna find healthy food on the off-ramp. If you don’t have any road trips planned this summer, you’re going to need another excuse to pile on the calories. Having an oven in the car designed to cook pizza would certainly supply that excuse.

The Porta-Pizza Oven is powered via your car’s 12V jack. The minimal controls (presumably for safety’s sake) provide a high and low setting for cooking or warming. Whether or not this oven will actually cook a pizza during your commute is irrelevant. What does matter, however, is that armed with a pizza oven, you’re simply going to have to find out. Remember: when pizza’s on the dashboard, you can eat pizza any time.

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