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Norpro Silicone Ice Pop Makers Vs. Zipzicles Zip Bags

Norpro 431 4-Piece Silicone Ice Pop Maker Set

Here comes the heat, what’s going to beat it? Norpro Silicone Ice Pop Makers or Zipzicles, The ONLY Zip-Top Ice-Pop Mold?

(Delicious fight)

Above, the Norpro 431 4-Piece Silicone Ice Pop Maker Set costs about 10 bucks and comes in a set of four. Clearly reusable, the silicone molds come with little caps to seal in juice, yogurt or whatever (“juices, purees, yogurt, soda, ice cream, pudding, applesauce, gelatin, fruit, berries, candies, chocolate, carmel, whipped cream and sprinkles”) as it freezes. Fill, seal, freeze and enjoy as they say.

Zipzicles - The ONLY Zip-Top Ice-Pop Mold!

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June 10, 2013   1 Comment

Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags

Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags by Accoutrements

These Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags hide your lunch in plain sight. Co-workers will never, ever know that there’s a delicious ham and cheese sandwich hiding within these baggies. And if they do suspect the true identity, at least you’ll give them a smile as they chow down on your lunch!

Product Description:

Sure, you could deal with the person stealing your lunch by just leaving a passive aggressive note on the fridge, but that never works. Why not disguise your food? These Lunch Disguise Sandwich bags will have potential thieves trying to figure out if your lunch is a salami sandwich or a dapper gentleman who has accidentally wandered into the fridge. One bag has the traditional Groucho disguise on it, the other a monocle and mustache combo. You get 10 of each design on 7″ x 8-3/4″ (18 cm x 22 cm) clear, locking plastic bags. Illustrated box.

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Easy Solution To Common Problem: Bag Dispenser

 Jed Mart Grocery Bag Dispenser

Sometimes an elaborate solution would ruin a good idea. Finding a place to store grocery bags is definitely one of those times. After a trip to the store, and all the grocery bags are emptied, the plastic husks have to go somewhere. Luckily, they are quite reusable, and as such come in handy around the kitchen. The problem is where to store them until their time is needed. From baskets to boxes, to a grocery bag itself, storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes. However finding a simple solution to solve the problem of putting them in and taking them out again could be solved quickly and easily with the Jed Mart Grocery Bag Dispenser. Mount it to the wall and the problem is solved. Now where to stash all those paper ones…

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Bag That Boxed Wine

Jakob Wagner Baggy Wine Coat by Menu

Drinking wine-in-a-box is a time-honored tradition that everyone has partaken of at some point in their lives. Cheap, portable and plentiful, the ultimate party wine is an easy choice for entertaining on a budget. Which is why the Jakob Wagner Baggy Wine Coat from Menu makes so much sense. Featuring room for an ice pack, along with a rubber base, the wine accessory offers a stylish alternative to the bulky box that the wine comes in. And considering that many winemakers are now putting better quality wines into bags, your friends will never have to know exactly what the swill is you decided to serve them.

October 21, 2010   1 Comment

Wine Tote For Alligator Pod People

Picnic Time Legacy Encore Black Wine Case

Like some space alien pod, or perhaps a toothless alligator, the Picnic Time Legacy Encore Black Wine Case spits out a bottle of wine wherever you may be. Featuring a leatherette exterior, an insulated lining and a handy accessory drawer, the sleek wine case makes a wine-toting fashion statement from the swamp to space.

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Baggy Rack Better Than A Third Hand

Baggy Rack

Storage bags are extremely convenient in the kitchen despite being poorly designed. What’s that you say? How can a bag be poorly designed? Well okay, maybe it’s not the bag’s fault, it’s just that they would be a whole heck of a lot easier to use if we had three hands, the extra one being used to prop open the bag while we pour stuff in.

As humans, we’ve been using bags long enough, perhaps it’s time for evolution to step in and help us out here. I think a third hand would look quite stunning protruding from… well, somewhere. Or, we could wait for evolution to occur on it’s own timetable and use the Baggy Rack in the meantime. Either way.

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