Gigantic Flying Ants Make Away With Picnic!

Ant Tablecloth Weights

Well… they look like flying ants to me. But (hopefully) they are just the Ant Tablecloth Weights they claim to be.

Product Description:

Table cloth weights will let you reign over your domain while providing a festive touch to your outdoor dining experience. Simply clip to your table cloth to insure place settings stay put if a sudden gust of wind joins you for dinner. Resin, metal, 1 x 1/2 x 1/2″.

***UPDATE 5/30/2014*** The ants flew the coop! But no worries, they may not be available at the link above any longer, but ants have a way of continually showing up. Like here: Boston Warehouse Picnic Party Tablecloth Weights, Set of 4

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