Crushed Garlic, Sliced Garlic, One Tool

Garlic Press & Slicer

I like crushed garlic; I also like crushing garlic. Take a big ol’ knife, place its broadside over a clove of garlic, and whack! There is no easier way to separate garlic from garlic paper. Certainly no way is more fun. Alas, not all garlic applications call for crushed garlic; sometimes sliced garlic is what you need. And slicing garlic is no fun.

The Garlic Press & Slicer solves all that. Combining a garlic crusher with a garlic slicer, the simple-to-use handheld kitchen gadget makes garlic-slicing a breeze. (Or garlic-crushing, I suppose, if the garlic-whacking knife is dirty.) Creating eight 1/16-inch slices of garlic at a time, the press also comes with a cleaning attachment and dishwasher safe construction—which may be the most fun of all.

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