Napkin Dispenser Saves A Trip To The Fast-Food Joint

Stainless Napkin Dispenser

There can any number of excuses in order to justify a fast-food trip: accessibility, speed, price, napkins…. Wait. Napkins?

For the few people who frequent fast-food establishments to stock up on napkins, there is a better way. Without resorting to thievery, you too can mock up your kitchen to mimic your fave fast-food eatery. The Stainless Napkin Dispenser looks remarkably similar to one that may be found in any restaurant across the land. Spring-loaded and shiny, the familiar tabletop adornment dispenses napkins from either side. At a price of only about ten bucks, it’s reason enough to avoid the greasy burger shack.

Although, the salt and pepper shakers are not included, so maybe one more trip is in order…

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