Serve up a side salad — literally

Dark Acacia-Wood Salad Bowl with Stand Set

Salad is an excellent accompaniment to almost any meal. Problem is, big, leafy greens take up a lot of room. After all, salad bowls are big for a reason; they require a large footprint to hold all that greenery. As such, often the salad bowl gets left behind, while the other, less healthy courses get the limelight of the tabletop.

The Dark Acacia-Wood Salad Bowl with Stand Set allows for the salad to stand alone, saving valuable tabletop real estate for other entrées. The 28.5-inch stand compliments the 8-inch by 16-inch bowl, and placed next to the table, the set is an attractive and easy-to-reach option for smaller dining tables. With this salad bowl at your tableside, the roast beef and mashed potatoes are just going to have to learn how to share top billing.


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