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Spice jar meets measuring spoon

Airtite Auto-Measure Spice Jars

The goal of any good kitchen gadget should be to combine common tasks into one streamlined operation. When measuring out herbs and spices why bother digging out a measuring spoon when you could just integrate one into the jar itself? That’s exactly what is going on with these Airtite Auto-Measure Spice Jars.

Available in either black or white, the 5-ounce spice jar conveniently dispenses dried herbs and spices one-quarter teaspoon at a time. Included is a shaker top for instances where good ol’ fashioned eyeballing it is good enough—which now doesn’t have to be each time since you won’t have to hunt for those pesky measuring spoons.

June 22, 2009   No Comments

Deviled eggs on the go

Snap 'N Stack Egg-Tainer by Snapware

I have a friend who knows how to make two things: a bowl of cereal and deviled eggs. How this odd combination of minimal kitchen knowledge came be I never asked, but one thing is certain: those deviled eggs are good. (She also pours a mean bowl of milk.)

With the Snap ‘N Stack Egg-Tainer by Snapware those delicious deviled eggs can be safely and easily transported back to my house. Next time she has a party, I can simply show up with this double-tiered storage container and nestle the eggs into the rounded recesses. I would then be able to easily sneak away and safely carry up to 24 deviled eggs back home. I’m sure the remaining party guests wouldn’t mind mingling with bowls of cereal.

March 19, 2009   No Comments