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Making coffee making as easy as can be

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Making coffee couldn’t be made any easier. Heck, it would take more effort to crawl down to your local caffeinating hole than to use this coffee maker. The Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffee Maker is a perfect solution for those that enjoy freshly ground brewed coffee first thing in the morning. Having some experience with groggy coffee making, I can assuredly say that the relatively easy process of brewing coffee is not so easy without the help of coffee. It’s like a Möbius strip or the chicken-or-the-egg paradox: to make coffee one must have coffee. Or at least in my case. Needless to say, mornings are not so pretty around these parts.

With a 24-hour programmable timer included on this coffee maker, all morning mishaps can be avoided. Complete with an integrated burr grinder in the set up, mornings can be accident free and delicious. Other features included on this miracle machine include a charcoal water filter and a gold-tone permanent filter. Oh, and at the end of the day, when you are delightfully caffeinated? As a final nod to the forgetful and the occasionally inept, this coffee maker includes an automatic shut-off.

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Under-the-cabinet food-processing and coffee-grinding

Black and Decker Spacemaker Stainless Steel Chopper/Grinder

Some appliances get put to use every day, and as such, are usually just left out on the counter. It’s nice to always have your most often used tools easily at your disposal, but when not in use, these popular appliances have a tendency to get in the way.

The Black and Decker Spacemaker Stainless Steel Chopper/Grinder solves this problem by mounting under a cabinet. With interchangeable blades and containers, the device can be used as mini-food processor or coffee grinder. There is pulse control for chopping, along with a grind selection button for choosing between fine, medium and coarse. Measuring less than ten inches across, with a height of about 5.5 inches, the Spacemaker not only frees up valuable counter space, but also allows for the ability to accomplish everyday tasks with one convenient unit.

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