Marshmallow Gun Puts Cocoa Thieves On The Run

Marshmallow Mforcer Semi-Automatic Pistol

What the heck good is a mini-marshmallow? Aside from putting in cocoa or perhaps as an addition to cartoon box cereal when there aren’t enough of those weird little nasty things in it, the sugary little creations are useless. Sure there are s’mores, but those go best with camping, and we’re talking about mini-marshmallows here. They do however, make great ammo.

The Marshmallow Mforcer Semi-Automatic Pistol holds fifteen of the death-dealing widow-makers treats per round, making battles over morning cereal both deadly and delicious. The pump action air gun holds enough oomph to fire off all fifteen shots in succession, so you can feel safe when dealing with any low-down dirty double-crosser trying to sneak off with your cocoa.

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