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Then And Now: Hot Cheese Puffs

Hot Cheese Puffs Betty Crocker recipe card. File under: The Do-Aheads

From 1975: Betty Crocker Hot Cheese Puffs recipe card. The flip side has the step-by-step process. Read on to see it… and the results from now!

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Betty Crocker Is Calling

Betty Crocker Cookbook Now Available For Windows Phone

The Betty Crocker Cookbook is an icon. While it won’t look quite as good sitting on the kitchen shelf (or maybe it would), Betty is making her recipes available to go. The press release follows, including a link to the download site. And if you’re feeling old school, check out the Betty Crocker’s Picture Cookbook (1950 Classic Edition).

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Cupcake Stand Shows Off

Betty Crocker Cupcake Stand

The popularity of the cupcake isn’t too hard to understand. Like little sweet jewels they stand out amongst duller competition. And you can eat them, that’s always good.

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