Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags

Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags by Accoutrements

These Lunch Disguise Sandwich Bags hide your lunch in plain sight. Co-workers will never, ever know that there’s a delicious ham and cheese sandwich hiding within these baggies. And if they do suspect the true identity, at least you’ll give them a smile as they chow down on your lunch!

Product Description:

Sure, you could deal with the person stealing your lunch by just leaving a passive aggressive note on the fridge, but that never works. Why not disguise your food? These Lunch Disguise Sandwich bags will have potential thieves trying to figure out if your lunch is a salami sandwich or a dapper gentleman who has accidentally wandered into the fridge. One bag has the traditional Groucho disguise on it, the other a monocle and mustache combo. You get 10 of each design on 7″ x 8-3/4″ (18 cm x 22 cm) clear, locking plastic bags. Illustrated box.

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