Natural Kitchen Movement Versus The Kitchen Industrial Complex

Da Vinci's little known work, Spatula Man.

Boing Boing put up a funny piece last week that really amounts to an anti-kitchen gadget rant. Yes, apparently there is a Movement, the Natural Kitchen Movement. Don’t succumb to the hype: kitchen gadgets are the future. Think of the children!

About five years ago I was down on my luck; I had moved to a new apartment and between the increased rent and moving expenses, I didn’t have much money to spare. To compound the problem, I had lost a box of kitchen utensils in the move. I found myself one early morning trying to make a couple of fried eggs, reaching for the spatula and finding only disappointment.

Luckily, for weatherman, the author of the post, he found a solution:

You see, the human body was designed to be adaptable. If you use kitchen tools to do things, like grab hot roasts from the oven, stir your curry, or flip hamburgers on the grill, you’re only fighting nature and making yourself soft in the process. That’s not what nature intended; we evolved these paddles at the ends of our arms for a reason!

Read the whole thing over at Boing Boing.

Oh, and to weatherman:

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