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One App, Four Thousand Skillets. Free.

4,000 Skillets Giveaway with Re-launch of Free Circulon Cooks! iPad App. For more information, visit

Consider this a PSA for those in need of a new skillet. Even though the iPad-owning Public probably doesn’t need a handout… but hey, free! Read on for the whole press release, and more info, here too.

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Divide and conquer your dinner

Circulon Cook Great Look Great 12

There is a battle going on in the kitchen: a struggle for dominance over food. The first strategy one must take when facing a formidable opponent such as chicken and potatoes is to divide and conquer. Together, the oh-so-delicious taste of potatoes cooked in chicken fat can overcome any defense one can muster. Therefore, they must be kept apart using a tool such as the Circulon Cook Great Look Great 12-inch Divided Skillet. Featuring a divider down the middle, the pan keeps food separated as it cooks—even though it all gets mixed up in the stomach anyways.

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Pack up the cool with the Circulon Induction Burner

Infinite Circulon Portable Induction BurnerIt looks cool, and it is cool. This 15-inch Infinite Circulon Portable Induction Burner stays cool to the touch when cooking. Instead of a traditional gas flame or electric burner, the portable cooker works via induction, which transfers heat directly into the cooking vessel. Why waste all that energy heating up the air around your cooking pot? Other cooking methods may only use 55% of the generated energy, but induction cookers are capable of 90% efficiency.

With nine preset power levels, and seven preset cooking temperatures, the cooker is not only efficient, but also precise. Capable of a temperature range of 150 to 430 degrees, the cooker also includes a timer that can be set for up to ten hours. From slow cooking to entertaining to just having an extra cooktop available, induction cooking with a portable cooker makes it easy to cook precisely what you want.

Since the cooker does not become hot, there will be no baked on foods; simply wipe to clean. As a nice feature, the control panel slides in and out for easy use and storage. All good things, because with ease of use and portability, you’ll be taking this cooker everywhere.

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