Caffeinated Owls

Who needs a cup of coffee? The answer apparently, is owls. No wonder they stay up so late! Especially that double espresso caffeinated owl up there. He looks like he needs a biscotti to peck at. Art by Dave Mottram. Visit Dave Mott’s Shop. (Via Daily of the Day)

Duck Duck Kitchen Timer

Which one of these is not like the other? The question, of course, is a trick: they are both like each other. But don’t worry, if you get the Alessi Duck Electronic Kitchen Timer mixed up with the real thing, the duck will let you know!

Hoot! Hoot! Tag Nesting Owl Measuring Cups

Owls are so wise. What other animals know how to measure ingredients? (Well, besides these similarly-styled Nesting Pig Measuring Cups.) With the Tag Nesting Owl Measuring Cups With Lid there’s no need to look around the kitchen for a helper — just ask the owls! The set of five measuring cups nest inside each other… Continue reading Hoot! Hoot! Tag Nesting Owl Measuring Cups

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I mean, Who-lloween! I mean Hoot-lloween! Hey, we believe in proper grammar around here, so it must be these guys saying it: Whimsical Halloween Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Adorable Halloween Decor by Burton & Burton. I bet they can at least say “trick or treat” correctly. Be safe out there!