Football, Shaken Not Stirred

It’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving and you know what that means: Football! The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling and Thursday Night Football is just around the corner — oh wait, TNF has already been ruined by the season-long amateur production from NFL Network — okay, strike that last one. But still, the season… Continue reading Football, Shaken Not Stirred

Ho! Ho! Hot! Sriracha Candy Canes!

Somehow, all of the television commercial-makers, store display-makers and aisle filler-uppers decided that it was time for Christmas. It came down upon us suddenly and the now-ubiquitous red and green holiday decor is everywhere. Coincidentally, Sriracha is now everywhere too. It was only a matter of time, but now we have Sriracha Candy Canes. The… Continue reading Ho! Ho! Hot! Sriracha Candy Canes!