Spiral Cut Hot Dogs Increase Condiment Coverage

Wynder's Spiral Cut Hot Dogs

There are no ends to the possibilities when it comes to dressing up a hot dog. From sauerkraut and relish, to jalapeños and hot sauce, the ability to add a personal touch to the tube is one aspect that makes hot dogs so eternally popular. Add in the fact that the hot dog itself is available in a million different varieties, and practically every meat-eater out there is guaranteed a dog to their liking. Now, it is possible to add one variation to each and every option out there, thanks to Wynder’s Spiral Hot Dog Cutters.

Wynder's Spiral Hot Dog Cutters

It may not be the most traditional treatment to give your hot dog, but hey, some people like ketchup on their dogs too. Simply stick a dog in the contraption, insert the plastic knife in a slot, and slice by rolling back and forth. The result may sacrifice the snap, but just think of all that condiment coverage.

(Via Craziest Gadgets)

UPDATE 7/11/12: The product above seems to no longer exist as the link now just leads to gibberish. However — while not exactly the same — there are a dizzying amount of spiral cutters at Amazon. (Although you could just use a skewer and a knife.)

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