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Cheers! Redneck Mason Jar Wine Glass

Redneck Mason Jar Wine Glass

Moonshine. Hooch. Juice. White Lightning. Mountain Dew.

Whatever you call it, cheers!

Get your weekend started right with the Redneck Mason Jar Wine Glass.

October 28, 2011   1 Comment

Crystal Wine Server

Crystal Wine Server

Wine has been enjoyed for millennia. That’s a lot of lost drips and drops of wine. Put an end to the madness (and look good doing it) with the Crystal Wine Server. History will thank you. And it’s only $5.95.

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ChillBall Intelligent Ice In-Glass Wine Chiller

Make My Day ChillBall Intelligent Ice In-Glass Wine Chiller

Hot day, cold wine: good. Hot day, warm wine: not-so-good. But in these days of summer, it so often seems there isn’t enough time to chill the wine. One could do the seemingly sensible thing and drop an ice cube in the glass to cool down the wine quickly and effectively. Then again, that move is regarded as a faux pas by many. (Unless you’re drinking Two Buck Chuck, in which that case dilution would be a good thing.)

If you like what you’re drinking, but just want it cool, now, the Make My Day ChillBall Intelligent Ice In-Glass Wine Chiller offers a good (non-toxic) solution. The sealed spheres each contain a food-safe non-toxic gel and are designed to go from freezer to glass with no flavor-destroying side effects. And if you still get sideways glances and rude stares just tell ’em it’s the good stuff.

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Make Your Wine Sing (In Key)

The Musical Glass

Gliding a finger across the rim of a wine glass can cause it to sing, but what tune? The Musical Glass answers that question. Marked along the side of the glass are measurements that correspond to how much liquid is required for each particular note. Now, instead of producing just a beautiful note floating in the air, a specific beautiful note can be made to float in the air. Forget ounces: music is the new way to measure wine. Fill mine to A-flat please.

(Via BLTD)

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Wine-Trax Keeps Track Of Your Wine Drinking

Wine-Trax, the measuring wine glass, set of 2

Discreetly etched with markings delineating the 4-ounce, 6-ounce and 8-ounce levels, Wine-Trax, the measuring wine glass, would certainly help some keep track of how much wine they (or their significant others) were drinking. For the rest of us, all we need to know is that when filled to the to the top one glass will hold 11-ounces. And then, we don’t really need to know that either, now do we? Salud!

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Champagne Salvaged From 19th Century Shipwreck

Champagne Salvaged From 19th Century Shipwreck

Some truly rare wines are about to go under the hammer–and chances are they would survive even if that were literally true. Coming up in June, two bottles of champagne (Veuve Clicquot and Juglar) salvaged from a 19th-century shipwreck will be auctioned off. The apparently indestructible bottles are sure to fetch a hefty price.

Click on through to read the whole press release, including information on how to place a bid. (Good idea: Do not drink while bidding on this auction.)

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