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Baking Soda Holder Refrigerator Thermometer

Taylor Food Fresh Baking Soda Holder Refrigerator Thermometer

Trees that smell good are to cars as baking soda boxes are to refrigerators: every refrigerator has one. Just like the air freshener that dangles from the rear view mirror, an open box of baking soda serves the purpose of deodorizing the surroundings (but just without the weird, chemical smell). Chances are good there is one lurking in the back of your refrigerator right now. And chances are also good that the darn thing has been knocked over before, spilling baking soda everywhere.

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No More Counting Toes In The Kitchen: Timer Keeps Track Of Four Things At Once

Taylor Tools Chef's Trust 4 Event Quad Timer

Most stovetops have four burners, yet for some reason the average kitchen timer can only count one thing at a time. That’s no way to count! It’s like not being able to use your fingers and toes when the need arises. Luckily, no longer is it required to go barefoot in the kitchen, because this timer keeps track of everything for you.

The Taylor Tools Chef’s Trust 4 Event Quad Timer features a simple-to-use uncluttered interface that tracks four separate events at once. Corner LEDs correspond to particular timers, and light up when the countdown is complete. Additional features include a memory recall, the ability to count up, and a foldout stand so you can set it down—just in case you still want to free up those fingers and toes.

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Grillin’ in the rain

Taylor Weekend Warrior Waterproof Digital Thermometer

I’m not sure how useful the waterproof feature of this thermometer is but if you are of the type to constantly drop your thermometer into water or beer (oh ok, waterproof makes sense now), then this is the solution you were looking for.

The Taylor Weekend Warrior Waterproof Digital Thermometer is an easy-to-use handheld device that helps you to ensure doneness in all of your cooking endeavors. The backlit LCD screen is viewable in low light and the three-inch stainless steel probe records temperatures from -40 to 450 degrees F. An auto-off timer and a minimum/maximum temperature memory complete the feature set that may be attractive to the beer drinking weekend warriors among us.

April 13, 2009   2 Comments