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Spin The Peeler

Joseph Joseph 3-in-1 Design Rotary Peeler

Different peelers are designed to do different things. Some are designed for soft-skinned fruits and vegetables like kiwis and tomatoes, while others are meant for tougher produce like carrots and potatoes. A third option is the julienne peeler, used to create matchstick-like thin strips. With three different blades for three different uses, the Joseph Joseph 3-in-1 Design Rotary Peeler provides all of the above in one compact design. With a twist of the dial, the convenient peeler switches to the desired blade, and is appropriate for both righties and lefties. After use, it unclips from its protective case and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

August 31, 2010   No Comments

For when one spout just won’t do


It’s no secret that lefties are forced to wrestle with a world built for righties. For the lefty, everything from scissors to can openers all the work the ‘wrong’ way. Which is why I can understand why having a measuring cup with measurements all around the vessel would be a good thing. Be that as it may, I’m still not exactly sure why this Triple Pour Glass Measuring Cup needs three spouts. And it’s not even the only one out there. By that logic my ‘normal’ righty version should have two spouts, but it only has one. It probably all has to do something with an eventual lefty uprising, but I hope they bake the rest of us a nice batch of cookies first.

July 1, 2009   No Comments