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Laziest Halloween costume ever

Skeleton Oven Mitt

Every year I plan Halloween costumes, yet every year I end up being Dead Guy. Even though I swear up and down that I’m going to make some elaborate costume, somehow Dead Guy continues to rise. Well no longer! This year instead of the mad rush to Walgreens to pickup some $1.98 face paint, I’m going to plan ahead and make something clever, funny… ah who am I kidding? Now that I discovered the Skeleton Oven Mitt I might not even bother with the face paint!

October 16, 2009   No Comments

Reach for the silicone grips

Trudeau Silicone Pinch Grips

Put those clunky oven mitts away and stick out a hand for these Trudeau Silicone Pinch Grips. Easy gripping and cool to the touch, they’re perfect for peeking under the lid of hot pans. Available in a variety of colors, the bright grabbers feature a ridged inner surface that allows for a secure grip when handling even the slipperiest of items. At five bucks a pop, it might be worth it to keep one (or two) handy.

September 23, 2009   No Comments

Pig Mitt now, therapy later

Pig Mitt

As a promotional tie-in to the new movie, the SciFi Channel recently ran a Land of The Lost marathon. Deeply rooted memories of Sleestaks and Pakuni bubbled up as I tuned in to watch, but amid all the cheesy sets and bad acting one character emerged that I did not remember: the spray-painted pig.

Apparently the mortal enemy of Chaka and the rest of the Paku, the pig was adorned with bright blue and pink circles. I can see how that may be frightening, but nothing compared to this Pig Mitt from Boston Warehouse I ran across today. Perhaps it’s due to revived Sleestak nightmares, but I’m pretty sure the teeth alone will frighten any small child. Star this oven mitt in a stop-action animation, and you got yourself not only a needed kitchen accessory, but a hit TV show as well. In the early 70’s, that is.

May 26, 2009   1 Comment