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Create the perfect mug of tea on the go

Copco Tea Thermal Green Travel Mug

Why should coffee people have all the fun? Tea lovers need some love too, after all. Well, that’s where the Copco Tea Thermal Green Travel Mug comes in. Featuring a removable infusion filter for steeping loose-leaf tea on the go, the travel mug gives tea lovers the ability to get their get up and go while getting on the go.

The double wall construction keeps hot or cold drinks at their desired temperature, while the 14-ounce capacity keeps the fuel coming. Coffee hounds may have the advantage when it comes to accessories, availability and options, but when it’s time for tea lovers to get exactly what they want, this loose-leaf infuser mug takes the show on the road.

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Iconic NYC mug survives the test of time

We Are Happy To Serve You

It wasn’t long ago that New Yorkers could everywhere be found sipping coffee out of iconic blue coffee cups. Those days may be threatened, but the icon will continue. The We Are Happy To Serve You cup lives on in ceramic form. The Grecian inspired design was created in the 60’s and quickly became the go-to to-go coffee cup for NYC delis and coffee vendors. Cheaper alternatives may be pushing the famous cup out of the marketplace, but for $12, you can still grab a little piece of history. The design is licensed exclusively from the Solo Cup Operating Corporation, so like NYC itself, you know you’re getting an original.

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Ultra-hyper-mega-cute animal drinking mugs

Upside Down Animal Mugs from Décole Japan

They look like little ultra-cute pieces of chotcke sitting on a shelf into you turn them over, and then you see these pieces from Japan’s Décole are actually drinking mugs. The Upside Down Animal Mug collection measures about 4 inches tall each (upside down or not) and come in three hyper-cute versions: cat, panda and piglet. These mega-cute little drinkers will set you back $20 each. Too much cute? Yeah, maybe.

***UPDATE 9/29/13*** Looks like things got a bit topsy-turvy at the link above; they are sold out. However, here is a link to the upside down panda mug: Decole Animal Face Mug – Panda. Hyper-mega-super-cute lives on!

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The mystery of the missing mug

Numerical Mugs

These Numerical Mugs over at Anthropologie are pretty cool looking. Sold individually, each with their own type treatment, the mugs come in (apparently) five different varieties. If you have a use for a mug emblazoned with a number 6, 12, 18, 31 or 54, now you know where to get it. Perhaps more important than the question of why there are only these particular numbers, is the question of whether there will ever be more. That half hidden 22 in the photo would make it seem so. Maybe it’s not really that much of a mystery, and they are just tonight’s winning lottery numbers. Which, of course, is a much bigger mystery.

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One cup of coffee at a time

Bodum Bistro Mug Press

For those that absolutely must have freshly-made hot coffee, here is the Bodum Bistro Mug Press. With the inclusion of a grooved lip, it is designed to rest directly on the rim of your personal coffee mug. Fill with your favorite ground coffee, let it steep and press down when ready. The result is a cup of piping hot coffee, (almost) ready to drink.

Like a French press, except on a small scale, the Mug Press is sure to create a delicious cup of coffee precisely to your liking. However, the lack of a carafe strikes me as unsettling. I don’t like running out of coffee, and I don’t know many coffee drinkers who do. I’ll stick to the French Press and the comforting thought of a refill just being a pour away.

March 3, 2009   1 Comment

Write-on mug, coffee right out


Does graphite wash away in the dishwasher? I may finally find out the answer to that, because I know I’m not going to be trying to erase my to-do list as I work my way through my day. At least not any list I write on this Write-On Glassware Mug. I have spilled way too much hot coffee over the years to go trying any fancy tricks when it comes to drinking my morning brew. Best to leave my note-making skills confined to flat, horizontal surfaces.
Via Gizmodo

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