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Cups Of Coffee Not For The Road

Coffee Cup Stickers Wall Decor by Collections Etc

Drive-thru coffee stands may be one of the greatest inventions of mankind, but sometimes you just want to slow down and enjoy the caffeinated beverage–while looking at cups of coffee on the wall, of course. These Coffee Cup Stickers might not provide much of a kick, but at least they won’t distract you while driving.

Product Description:
Coffee Cup Wall Stickers: Bring rich flavor to your kitchen s dcor with these coffee-themed graphic stickers. Use them to create a charming wall border or to accent canisters, windows, mirrors, & more. Paper stickers are removable so you can re-position as you like. Set includes 6 sheets, each with 8 different images. Sticker sizes range from 3 1/2″H x 3 1/4″W to 5 1/2″H x 4 1/2″W….

UPDATE: Looks like the above is out of stock. Here is a similar item:
RoomMates RMK1254SCS Coffee House Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Not quite the same, but at least they got the old-timey percolator going on!

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350cc’s Of Coffee, Stat!

Laboratory Beaker Mug

Some people need to watch their caffeine intake, others may want to. Well, the way to do that quickly and easily is with the Laboratory Beaker Mug. With a capacity of about 12-ounces, the glass beaker-that-looks-like-a-mug is sure to keep coffee drinkers alert, awake and paying attention to anything and everything.

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Rubik’s Cube Mug Needs No Solving

Rubik’s Cube Mug

Not that I would know, but taking apart a Rubik’s Cube and putting it back together again is sure to cause a certain amount of stress in the plastic parts over time. While such an activity may facilitate in the ‘solving’ of the cube, it does nothing for having it stay a cohesive whole during use. If you’re looking for a gift for compulsive ‘cube-solver’, perhaps this Rubik’s Cube Mug will do. While the mug won’t actually need any solving, at least it won’t fall apart in your hands.

(Via Craziest Gadgets)

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The Coffee Mug That Bites Back

Megawing Teeth Mug

It’s not exactly the first thing I would want to be greeted with in the morning, but as long as there is coffee involved, I think I could embrace this Megawing Teeth Mug. The hand-carved ceramic mug features a healthy overbite (or would that be an underbite?) and is sure to bring a smile to your face. Unless of course, there’s decaf in that cup, in which case those pearly whites will be greeted with bared fangs.

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1-Up All the Other Arcade Mugs

Heat Changing Arcade Mugs

Just when it was thought the pinnacle of videogame-themed drinkware was achieved, along comes a new player to the arcade. Featuring Pac-Man Pac Boy and Space Invader Space Intruder graphics, the Heat Changing Arcade Mugs make a game out of drinking coffee.

Revealing themselves in all their retro-styled graphical glory when filled with a hot beverage, the mugs transform from an empty game field to one filled with attacking aliens and pesky ghosts. It won’t take a pocketful of quarters to defeat these enemies: a few quick gulps of your morning brew and these baddies disappear. Which is a whole lot cheaper than pumping quarter after quarter in the machine to fight the good fight. So, in a way, these mugs actually pay for themselves.

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A Toast (and a Shot) to Atari

Atari Arcade Pint Glass 4 Pack

Inspired by a recent Nerd Approved post, I felt it necessary to coordinate my drinkware with retro video game art. Most important when updating a drinkware collection is the necessity to acquire glasses for any occasion, from a black tie affair, for which this Atari Black Pint Glass 4 Pack would be appropriate, to everyday use such as the pint glasses in the Atari Arcade Pint Glass 4 Pack would provide. Of course, no evening would be complete without the Atari Shot Glass 6 Pack.

And it should go without saying, coffee in the morning is necessary to wash the shame away. Only one coffee cup in the world would suffice: Atari “You Never Forget Your First” Coffee Mug.

What better way to celebrate Atari than by putting them in a gallery…

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