Nesting Pig Measuring Cups And Cannister Set Too

Del Rey 5-pc. This Lil' Piggy Pink Measuring Cups

It may seem like babushkas have cornered the nesting measuring cups market, but there does happen to be a porkier alternative. The Del Rey 5-pc. This Lil’ Piggy Pink Measuring Cups Set features ceramic construction and cute-as-can-be styling. They ( even gave the li’l piggy a name: Bakin’. Mmmm, Bacon…

Product Description:
We love the piggy canister set seen on Food Network’s “Down Home with the Neelys” so much, we were inspired to come up with some piggies of our own. Our charming “Lil’ Piggy” Ceramic Measuring Cup Set (who we have affectionately named Bakin’) includes 1/4-cup, 1/3-cup, and 1/2-cup measure that conveniently nest in Bakin’s body, which is a 1-cup measure. The lid is little Bakin’s cute face, with long-lashed eyes blissfully closed over her sweet stub nose (reveling in the smell of freshly baked cookies, no doubt). Asymmetrical, folding ears add character while providing a functional grip for lifting the lid, and an endearing curly tail adorns Bakin’s back. Hand-finishing gives each of the Lil’ Piggies a vintage, artisanal feel, such as the detailed script that label each measuring cup and the adorable piggy decal in the base of 1/4-cup measure. This exclusive set is perfect for any baking or measuring need and, of course, Bakin’ is happiest when in the company of the rest of her family, the 3-pc. Ceramic Lil’ Piggy Canister Set (a.k.a. Dad, Orson; Mom, Pearl; and big brother, Jr.).

Del Rey 3-pc. This Lil' Piggy Canister Set, Pink


  1. Is there any chance that the pig canister set and measuring cups/spoons will be or is available now? My daughter collects them and I would love to purchase for her for Christmas.

    Thank you,


  2. Sorry, these don’t seem to be available on Amazon any longer 🙁 Somebody should make them again!

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