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New BK Stuffed Steakhouse Burger Looks Wrong Way

New BK STUFFED STEAKHOUSE Burger Spices Things Up from the Inside Out with Jalapeño and Cheddar.

Well, I’ll admit it’s not the first thing I thought of when I saw the new BK Stuffed Steakhouse Burger, but it did remind me of Eddie Murphy’s classic sketch about a McDonalds burger. His ‘house-burger’ that he described had peppers and onions integrated throughout the patty, while Burger King’s new offering “stuffs” the patty with jalapeño peppers and Cheddar cheese.

Look forward to a television campaign starting January 17.

(Psst, Burger King. This is what a stuffed burger is supposed to look like.)
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January 11, 2011   2 Comments

Where Did All The KFC Wet Wipes Go?

Mmm, wet-nap hot wings.

Wet wipes. Moist towelettes. Wet naps. Whatever you call them, those pre-packaged napkins soaking in solution come in handy all the time. From gas stations to fast food establishments, the real pocket squares are there to tidy up messes. And KFC is trying to say they are unnecessary for their sauceless Hot Wings. With a contest. Yes, a wet wipe contest.

For some odd reason, there doesn’t appear to be many wet wipe-themed contests, but KFC looks to change that starting today. To promote the sauceless Hot Wings, KFC is running a contest asking contestants for “ideas for repurposing KFC’s “leftover” wet wipes”. Finalists will be chosen to produce videos that will be available for viewing starting January 20 on KFC’s YouTube channel.

Not only will five finalists each get $500, but more importantly, they will each receive one thousand wet wipes. (Brand to be determined.)

Official press release after the jump.

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Smell Like White Castle

White Castle Ceramic Scented Candle

What do a candle and a steaming White Castle burger have in common? Nothing, except they are both only good after dark. While late nights and a belly full of booze may be required for admission into a White Castle dining establishment, the White Castle Ceramic Scented Candle doesn’t require an altered state to be used. Especially useful for Left-Coasters who must endure In-N-Out Burgers to satisfy that burger craving. < /sarcasm >

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Napkin Dispenser Saves A Trip To The Fast-Food Joint

Stainless Napkin Dispenser

There can any number of excuses in order to justify a fast-food trip: accessibility, speed, price, napkins…. Wait. Napkins?

For the few people who frequent fast-food establishments to stock up on napkins, there is a better way. Without resorting to thievery, you too can mock up your kitchen to mimic your fave fast-food eatery. The Stainless Napkin Dispenser looks remarkably similar to one that may be found in any restaurant across the land. Spring-loaded and shiny, the familiar tabletop adornment dispenses napkins from either side. At a price of only about ten bucks, it’s reason enough to avoid the greasy burger shack.

Although, the salt and pepper shakers are not included, so maybe one more trip is in order…

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Biscuits And Gravy Machine Is Too Good To Be True

Bob Evans Gravy Dispenser

I like biscuits and gravy. A LOT. I can’t say I have ever tried the Bob Evans version, but considering they have a Bob Evans Gravy Dispenser, I might just have to go hunt one down. Gravy control at the touch of a button? I’m in. And for a buck-ninety-nine too apparently. I can’t see how this is gonna last. Let me near that thing and they’ll be outta business in a week!

(Via Gizmodo)

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Results are in: Cadillac takes the Kitchen Sink beyond


In 1956 General Motors for some reason put a sink in a Caddy. It’s called the Maharani Special and was built for the traveling (of course) Motorama exhibition. Apparently at the time, people didn’t see the need for a full-service kitchen installed in the passenger seat of their cars, but times have changed, and the Kitchen Sink Cadillac is changing hands.

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