Dimpled Deviled Egg Trays

Some foods practically require being served in specialty serving devices: little indented snail plates for escargot (preferably in a spiral snail design), jars for pizza in a jar (eww?) and of course, funny-looking dimpled plates for deviled eggs. Not only do the Chef Buddy Deviled Egg Trays with Snap On Lids satisfy the requirement for… Continue reading Dimpled Deviled Egg Trays

Egg Poacher Cup

This five dollar Egg Poacher Cup could look like a variety of things. Just let your imagination run wild for a moment. For the sake of kitchen gadgets everywhere, let’s just say it looks like a cute, stainless steel animal of some sort. And it’s made of metal and it’s five bucks. There are a… Continue reading Egg Poacher Cup

Let Henrietta Cook The Eggs

Only chickens know when eggs are really ‘done’, and for proof of this just ask Henrietta. The Henrietta Egg Cooker, that is. The novelty kitchen appliance boils hard or soft eggs, and then ‘chirps’ when they are done. Also featuring the ability to poach eggs, this magical hen knows how to make eggs–after all, that’s… Continue reading Let Henrietta Cook The Eggs