Moose Paper Towel Holder

Apparently, moose (meese? mooses? moosi?) are keen on clean. How else could one explain the Moose Paper Towel Holder? And really, is there much else to even say? Product Description Moose Paper Towel Holder Best product description of the new year!

Cute Kissing Spice Owls

The name could use a little work (Westland Giftware Life’s Little Journey Life is a Dance Owls 2-3/4-Inch Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers), but the results are nice. These–we’ll call them cute kissing owls–are designed by Lori Siebert and are salt and pepper shakers that sit together in a fun pose. Looks like they are… Continue reading Cute Kissing Spice Owls

Cow Timer Keeps Time

Cows don’t seem to be particularly well-suited for keeping time, but hey, maybe they are. At least in the kitchen. In any event, the Country Cow Kitchen Timer is willing to give it a go. At least for up to 59-minutes, but beware: that could mean anything in cow-time.