Rosenthal In.gredienti Offers Fun Design In A Plate

Rosenthal In.gredienti 10 1/4" Deep Pasta Plate

Plates are often pretty boring; just a flat circular serving device solely meant to hold food. Except they are not really flat. Practically every plate has a raised edge to it; otherwise all the food could easily fall off. But that’s where any design aspects end. Usually.

The Rosenthal In.gredienti 10 1/4″ Deep Pasta Plate makes for a stunning presentation with its twice-fired porcelain construction. Featuring a fun indentation that offers functionality, the plate can be used for so much more than pasta. From breadsticks to hot sauce (just imagine how that would look filled with a healthy squirt of Sriracha), the serving plate offers an additional dimension to the joy of eating. Not to mention it’s is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

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