Don’t forget to take the meat off the tree

Prosciutto Ornament

It’s National Get Rid of the Tree Week, but before you do, make sure you safely pack up all those little ornaments and stuff them away for another year. While it’s generally not recommended to file away meat products for a year, I think you’ll be OK with keeping this Prosciutto Ornament under wraps. The hand-painted glass meat ornament was made in Poland, and while they were recently half price at Sur La Table, the decoration is currently unavailable. Just like real prosciutto, you got to get to it fast. Good stuff.

***UPDATE 12/2/2013***
The above ornament is still out of stock, but here are some replacement meat ornaments ready for the tree (or really any shrubbery all year ’round).

***UPDATE 12/6/2017***
Looks like Sur La Table made a new ornament instead. This time it’s prosciutto with melon. (I still think the older one is cooler!)


  1. Has this ornament been restocked?
    I would like to order 3 of Prosciutto’s please!!!!!!!!!
    thank you!

  2. Hi Ines, doesn’t look like it, but check out the link above for their updated prosciutto ornament.

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