Automated s’more maker does the smushing for you

Micro S’Mores Maker

The best part of a s’more is pushing it together. There is nothing more barbaric than seeing a full-figured marshmallow that hasn’t been smushed into s’moredom. Right out of the microwave (or campfire for you s’more purists), the first thing to do is to smush that sucker together. It is a satisfaction that should be shared amongst all foods; it is pure enjoyment on an instinctual level. (Perhaps that’s why clamshell-type grills and panini presses are so popular.)

Unfortunately, the cold, modern, technological world has given us the Micro S’Mores Maker, a damnable machine that automates the s’more-smushing for us. Worst of all, it does this in only ten seconds. The world may never again see an unsmushed s’more, except out in the wild. Which might not be such a bad thing—back to nature as it were.

(Via Geekalogie)

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