The $200 Heineken

Krups BeerTender

This thing drives me crazy. Or rather it would drive me crazy if I were crazy enough to own one. But then I guess the point would be moot, due to double craziness or something and I would be content owning the thing… see what I mean?

It’s not like the Krups BeerTender is a bad idea, it’s just that it does one thing and one thing only: pour Heineken beer. The countertop machine can be set to your choice of three temperatures, and along with its internal carbonation delivers draft style beer Heineken right from their compact 5-liter Draught Kegs. The issue isn’t really if one prefers Heineken or not, it’s that there is no options for anything else. It seems to me with such exclusivity Heineken should be paying you to use this machine. Asking the consumer to pay $200 seems a bit much. (Down from a suggested price of $400.)

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