NitroCream custom-flavored ice cream in a flash

NitroCream N2-64

Ice cream. Gelato. Frozen Yogurt. Sorbet. All available at your fingertips. In exactly the flavor you want. With the NitroCream N2-64 you can custom create any flavor. Using the fast-freezing power of liquid nitrogen, the patented process blasts out chilly treats in as little as 1-3 minutes.

Simply add your ice cream base into the mixing bowl and let the machine do all the work. The N2-64 simultaneously mixes and freezes, creating whatever flavor you want on demand. Mix in locally grown fresh fruit for a truly customized flavor.

The NitroCream brand is marketed to business owners, and is available for lease or purchase. They certainly put on an impressive show. While at $35,000 I don’t expect to be outfitting my kitchen with one of these, considering the business potential for cafés and some small restaurants, I do expect to be enjoying a bowl of NitroCream sometime soon at a nearby local establishment. Part of the fun, of course, would be coming up with crazy flavors. Good thing you can make as little as one serving at a time!

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