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See Your Spills With A Wine Light

Tipsee Wine Bottle Task Light

Wine is best enjoyed in low-light situations. Mood lighting, candlelight, fireplace, you name it: being able to see just doesn’t go with wine. While drinking (and storing) wine is preferable out of direct light, pouring wine isn’t particularly a good activity to do in the dark.

Understanding this dilemma, the Tipsee Wine Bottle Task Light shines a light in these light-challenged environments. Attaching directly to the neck of a wine bottle, the bright LED lets you see where you are pouring. Of course as convenient as this wine gadget may be, it won’t help much if you are already seeing double.

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Bag That Boxed Wine

Jakob Wagner Baggy Wine Coat by Menu

Drinking wine-in-a-box is a time-honored tradition that everyone has partaken of at some point in their lives. Cheap, portable and plentiful, the ultimate party wine is an easy choice for entertaining on a budget. Which is why the Jakob Wagner Baggy Wine Coat from Menu makes so much sense. Featuring room for an ice pack, along with a rubber base, the wine accessory offers a stylish alternative to the bulky box that the wine comes in. And considering that many winemakers are now putting better quality wines into bags, your friends will never have to know exactly what the swill is you decided to serve them.

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Drinking With Witches

Witches Legs Wine Bottle Stopper

A little known fact about witches: they occasionally fall into vessels of liquid. Naturally, it has something to do with always hovering about a boiling black cauldron; accidents do happen, after all. Apparently they are quite the winos too, as a Witches Legs Wine Bottle Stopper would seem to imply.

To witches, the best part of wine is the eye of newt and lizard’s leg sloshing about the bottom of the bottle. (It’s a special brew.) Unfortunately in their upside-down, topsy-turvy world, the best way to get at it is to just dive in. While wine-related mishaps increase every year about this time in the witch community, their loss is your gain. Just don’t eat the worm.

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Four Friends And Bottle Of Wine

True Fabrications Wine Glass Caddy

A bottle of wine is always enjoyable when shared with a friend, and as such it is quite easy to carry a bottle and two glasses in hand. More the merrier, you say? Well, carrying three glasses in one hand with the bottle secured in the other shouldn’t present any difficulties. Oh, wine for four? Well that might require a bit more dexterity. Or the True Fabrications Wine Glass Caddy.

Securing directly around the neck of said bottle of wine, the helping hand makes it easy to lug all those glasses from the kitchen to the living room. Of course, it begs the question why one of those other three lazy, good-for-nothing guests couldn’t get up off the couch to lend a hand, but hey, look at the bright side: the wine accessory can be used as a drying rack when your ungrateful guests don’t lend a hand in the clean-up.

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Travel Bag Made Just For A Wine Bottle

Idea Mia WineDiaper Padded Absorbent Bag

It’s better to be safe than sorry, some might say, while others may believe that if something bad can happen, it will. Either way, if you’re transporting a bottle of wine, the Idea Mia WineDiaper Padded Absorbent Bag has you covered. The reusable and sealable travel bag cradles wine bottles and absorbs spills if the bottle breaks. Practice safe wine transporting and the bag can be used over and over again. If only carpets worked the same way.

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Ice In Wine, No; Wine In Ice, Yes

Exaco Nice Ice Cooler

It may be a faux pas to put ice in wine, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with putting wine in ice. Especially when it looks this good. A big chunk of ice is always impressive, and sticking a bottle of wine through the center of it makes it even more so. That’s exactly what the Exaco Nice Ice Cooler can do for you. Part mold, part centerpiece, the contraption creates a tall cylindrical ice sculpture with room for a bottle of wine. Melting into the included base over a period of 6-hours (in a 70-degree environment), the novel wine cooler should (one would hope) last a lot longer than that bottle of wine it is meant to chill.

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