Retrosink: Glorette Toaster Oven Skillet

Check out this vintage combination appliance found on eBay. Combining a skillet and a toaster oven, the Glorette is an all-in-one countertop appliance solution for the discerning cooks of the 1920s and ’30s. Described as “working and fully functional,” the Rare Glorette Jade Green Porcelain Tabletop Stove Skillet Oven / Toaster Oven is a current… Continue reading Retrosink: Glorette Toaster Oven Skillet

Skinny Oven For Big Food

The Danby DER2009W Electric Range is only 20-inches across, but features four burners and a 2.6-cubic-foot capacity oven. It may look like a miniature, but considering that it can bake, boil and broil, the appliance brings everything that is needed to the kitchen. And it makes real food too, not those little dollhouse miniatures that… Continue reading Skinny Oven For Big Food

The Ugliest Oven Ever

Unless of course you are a Cincinnati Bengals fan. But then again, that might make it worse… …In any event, it’s the CDA DVT980 Built-In Electric Double Oven, and thankfully seems to be only available in the UK, where of course football has something to do with kicking. Like kicking this ugly oven to the… Continue reading The Ugliest Oven Ever