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Coffee Coffee Coffee Starts With C

Vandor 5-1/2 by 4 by 4-1/2-Inch Sesame Street Cookie Monster 18-Ounce Ceramic Mug, Multicolored

Cookie Monster has always known what’s up with the letter ‘C’. Smart cookie, that Cookie. Not only does his favorite treat start with ‘C’, so does his lesser-known other favorite treat: coffee! (It’s pretty obvious if you notice what a spazz he is.) Being the obsessive type, there is no other mug everybody’s favorite monster would choose other than one picturing himself. The Sesame Street Cookie Monster 18-Ounce Ceramic Mug is his only drinking vessel of choice. For either milk or coffee. Got cookie? Om nom nom nom…

Also available for his pals, Oscar the Grouch and Elmo.

April 19, 2011   1 Comment

Cups Of Coffee Not For The Road

Coffee Cup Stickers Wall Decor by Collections Etc

Drive-thru coffee stands may be one of the greatest inventions of mankind, but sometimes you just want to slow down and enjoy the caffeinated beverage–while looking at cups of coffee on the wall, of course. These Coffee Cup Stickers might not provide much of a kick, but at least they won’t distract you while driving.

Product Description:
Coffee Cup Wall Stickers: Bring rich flavor to your kitchen s dcor with these coffee-themed graphic stickers. Use them to create a charming wall border or to accent canisters, windows, mirrors, & more. Paper stickers are removable so you can re-position as you like. Set includes 6 sheets, each with 8 different images. Sticker sizes range from 3 1/2″H x 3 1/4″W to 5 1/2″H x 4 1/2″W….

UPDATE: Looks like the above is out of stock. Here is a similar item:
RoomMates RMK1254SCS Coffee House Peel & Stick Wall Decals
Not quite the same, but at least they got the old-timey percolator going on!

February 8, 2011   2 Comments

350cc’s Of Coffee, Stat!

Laboratory Beaker Mug

Some people need to watch their caffeine intake, others may want to. Well, the way to do that quickly and easily is with the Laboratory Beaker Mug. With a capacity of about 12-ounces, the glass beaker-that-looks-like-a-mug is sure to keep coffee drinkers alert, awake and paying attention to anything and everything.

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One More Cup Of (Microwave) Coffee

One Cup Microwave Coffee Maker

Sometimes a pot of coffee isn’t enough. Problem is, coffee drinkers don’t really know that until they have hit the last drop. At that point a jittery conundrum reveals itself: make another pot or just do without? (Or run to the corner café.) Easing the decision-making process is the One Cup Microwave Coffee Maker. Just add ground coffee, drop it in a cup of water and nuke it. Soon enough that extra cup of coffee will emerge hot and steaming—and thanks to its small size it easily washes out for the next extra cup of coffee.

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Brew To The Dark Side

Star Wars Vader's Dark Roast Coffee

Yes, Star Wars does coffee. The branding machine that is the Star Wars empire has decided to plaster their name on whole bean coffee. Oddly enough, considering the popularity of coffee and the quality of those dreaded prequels, this move might just ensure the longevity of the franchise. Get your Star Wars Vader’s Dark Roast Coffee over at ThinkGeek and remember to brew to full strength for maximum enjoyment while crushing the rebel alliance.

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Retrosink: Old-Timey Alarm-Clock Tea Maker

Old-Timey Alarm-Clock Tea Maker

Even since the beginning of the modern era it was recognized that people needed all the help they could get when it came to procuring a caffeinated beverage. After all, the motor skills needed to make a pot of tea or coffee require some degree of coordination—best left to automation. Back in the day, they might have used an old-timey appliance such as this alarm clock tea maker contraption.

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