Missing Corn Syrup

Corn syrup often gets overlooked in the pantry. Although Karo, the corn syrup people, have issued a press release containing sweet recipes, they seemed to have missed a good opportunity. Not only are the associated photos reminiscent of faded 70s cookbooks, but they are small and not at all appetizing. (Clicking on photo will not… Continue reading Missing Corn Syrup

Food Is Ammunition, Don’t Waste It

What’s Cooking Uncle Sam? is an exhibit currently on display at the National Archives in DC. From farm to table (via the factory) the exhibit examines the government’s influence over what we eat. Click on through to see a photo of the obvious gourmand President Ford preparing his own breakfast at his home in Alexandria… Continue reading Food Is Ammunition, Don’t Waste It

Pumping Olive Oil

Everything you ever wanted to know about olive oil (according to the North American Olive Oil Association) in one handy-dandy press release (with recipes):

Goldfish Bread

Bread made out of Goldfish crackers might be interesting, but the new Goldfish Sandwich Bread from Pepperidge Farm is just regular ol’ white bread. Oh well. One can always pour a bag of those little smiling crackers between a couple of slices. Or better yet, wait for Pepperidge Farm to turn their Goldfish Bread into… Continue reading Goldfish Bread