Pig shaped baker


Looking for a unique earthenware baking dish? The Pomaireware Pig Shaped Baker might be just for you. Handmade by the people of Pomaire, Chile, the distinctive baker looks as good on the table as it does in the oven. Suited for use on an electric stovetop, microwave or 450-degree oven, the dish is perfect for a variety of meals. From paella to casseroles, this little piggy cookware has you covered… except for the fact that I can’t help noticing that he has no back. Anyways, I’m sure a roast beef would look quite good in the belly of this little piggy.

***UPDATE 10/7/13***
The link above ran wee, wee, wee all the way home. In other words, it doesn’t work any longer. But check out this little piggy: Pomaireware Clay Pig Shaped Soup Serving Dish

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