Bacon forever–or at least seven years in your stomach

Bacon Gumballs

Bacon is so 2008… and 2009… and will be so 2010, 2011, 2012…

You see my point: Bacon never goes out of style. It is just too delicious to ignore. The bacon meme has given us everything from the bacon bra to a Bacon Explosion (not necessarily at the same time), and it’s a trend that may never let up. Think of it: bacon (and all that it goes with) could attain that iconic status only reserved for the pinnacle of American taste and culture. I’m talking the level of Elvis on a UFO here.

If the wonderful taste of bacon suffers from anything, it would be portability. It’s rather hard to fry up some bacon anytime, anywhere, which is why we have Bacon Gumballs. One tin supplies 22 bacon-flavored gumballs, each one a potent defense against bacon cravings. While the real thing will never be replaced by any novelty, bacon on the go sure makes it easy to counter the cravings while dreaming up what to do with those five pounds of bacon you have waiting for you at home.

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