Grill Basket Quadruples The Possibilities

Steven Raichlen Non-Stick Rectangular Compartment Basket

As long as grilling is in the air around these parts, might as well think about some of the things the grill has to offer. But that’s just the problem—if you could call it a problem—the grill makes everything taste better. (Try grilling an apple fritter if you don’t believe it.) While there may be endless possibilities for the grill, not all of them fit so nicely on the grill, unless of course you have something to hold them.

Encouraging experimentation on the grill, the Steven Raichlen Non-Stick Rectangular Compartment Basket holds four different items at one time. The design keeps loose items from falling in the fire, which opens up a world of new possibilities. Best of all with four compartments, there will be enough grilled goodies for everybody.

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