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This egg scrambler definitely did not come first

Shake Me Egg Shaker

If you’ve been using a butter knife to scramble your eggs, then this kitchen gadget is for you. Finally, thanks to the Shake Me Egg Shaker, there is a simple method for making scrambled eggs. Just crack up to three eggs into one half of the egg-shaped device, close and shake. A Y-shaped protuberance inside of the capsule separates and scrambles the eggs. So put away those rocks, canned goods, salt-shakers, fingers and whatever else you’ve been using to scramble your eggs, and do it properly; the right tool for the job, I always say.

UPDATE 7/9/12: Sold out (or at least no longer available) at the link above. However! Today is your lucky day! The Zak Designs D Circle Egg Shaker is still available on Amazon for all your egg shaking needs! Phew!



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