You’re Not Getting Up Off The Couch Anyways, So Here’s A TV Remote Bottle Opener

My Clicker Universal Remote Control

Of all the things that get misplaced, bottle openers, keys and remote controls tend to top the list. It seems only natural then that a bottle opener would get attached to a remote control. (The keys are a different story, but with a bottle opener and remote in hand, you’re not going anywhere anyways.)

The My Clicker Universal Remote Control integrates a bottle opener right into the housing. It makes perfect sense really, the long shape of the remote is perfect for creating the leverage needed to pry open that next bottle of beer. Not to mention the fact that beer-drinking and TV-watching is about the laziest thing one could ever possibly do. Now if only there were an ‘order pizza’ button on the thing. Remember, please vegetate responsibly.

Bottle opener specs below. (Don’t hear that too often…)

* Control up to 9 components Up to 8 components can be programmed with labeled Component Select buttons:
o TV
o CD
* Approximately 630 preset codes compatible with most major brands and preset search function for easy component set up.
* Learning function capability for programming from other remote controls
* 12 one touch System Control functions Turn on multiple components and select desired inputs/functions/channels all with the touch of a single button. 12 one-touch System Control functions (macros) can be programmed to allow a series of up to 16 consecutive operations with the press of only one button.
* Usage range increased with high powered Infrared LED
* Allows for better wide-angle operation. Non-volatile memory back-up Programmed codes and macro setting are protected with memory back-up, so that existing settings are not lost when you remove the batteries.
* Illuminated Component Select buttons
* Supports Twin View and Picture-in-Picture functions

(Via Ubergizmo)

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